Greece’s austerity divisions run right through one family

By Michael Birnbaum, July 6, 2015

ATHENS — Yiannis Iliopoulos and his daughter fought so openly about how to vote in Greece’s monumental referendum Sunday that he wrote a public testament to say they were still on speaking terms.Iliopoulos was dozing in front of the TV when Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras broke into the broadcast just after midnight a little over a week ago to call a snap up-or-down vote on E.U. austerity demands. The out-of-work businessman threw on his clothes and made a late-night bank run, convinced he would lose his money if the nation voted down the bailout, as it did decisively on Sunday. But even as he stood in the ATM line to protect his cash, his daughter was making up her mind to reject five years of painful austerity that she said has crushed Greece’s economy.Read full article >>