How Blue Trust Loans Work and How They Can Help You

By admin, February 22, 2018

How much cash would it take for your to feel comfortable in your current situation? $200? $500? Maybe a couple of thousand? Rather than chance your future paychecks with payday loans, small installment loans could be your answer. Perhaps you need to make it through the holidays while reserving the bulk of your paycheck for bills and groceries? Perhaps your car broke down and you need four new tires? Don’t let a situation like that bring you to your knees when there are alternatives to help you back on your feet.


With installment loans like those from Blue Trust Loans, almost anyone can qualify for a loan deliverable in 24 hours right to a checking or savings account. Of course, there are some qualifications, such as a minimum age requirement of 18 and no loans to military members or their immediate families, however, for most people, applying is a breeze. Online, consumers can apply via a small application. Additionally, there’s no worry about getting by the office to fill out forms or sign for the money. This can all be processed online with e-sign services.


Often compared to payday loans for their ease of securing, installment loans are often the better choice for those in need of fast cash. An installment loan will allow repayment over a longer period of time at smaller increments than would a payday loan. Payday loans are due in full on the applicants next payday, which can limit how much a person chooses to borrow or causes them to run short on their next payday as well. With easy, manageable payments, a person can borrow up to $2,000 payable back over approximately six months. Naturally, the borrower can pay back the balance back in full at any time with no penalties.


The good thing about installment loans such as these is that there’s no inquiry about what is to be done with the money. Some people use it to pay for holiday items while others treat themselves to a trip out of town. The lender doesn’t care how the money is spent as it’s a non-collateral loan.

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