WorldViews: Losing his battle at home, French President Hollande fights abroad

By Rick Noack, August 21, 2014

As a country in which books are sacred, France should be worried.

Among France's current top political bestsellers are titles such as “French, Are You Ready for Your Next Revolution?,” “France — Suicide of a Nation,” “How France Destroyed Its Power,” as well as “The Country We Tear Down.” President François Hollande ranks high on the cover of a book entitled “So Far, So Bad.” Although it is scientifically proven that the French tend toward pessimism, the mood among writers reflects a larger, troublesome trend. France - "la Grande Nation" and second-largest economic power in the euro zone after Germany - has lost its confidence. On Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel blamed France and other countries for hindering the euro zone’s economic recovery. There was zero economic growth in France within the last six months, and while Germany’s unemployment level recently sank to a record low, France is experiencing a record-high jobless rate.

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