WorldViews: This sad Facebook page may be all that remains of the ‘Cuban Twitter’ created by the U.S. to stir unrest

By Adam Taylor, April 3, 2014

If you haven't read the great story on the "Cuban Twitter" reportedly created by the U.S. government by Alberto Arce, Desmond Butler and Jack Gillum of the Associated Press, you really should.

It's a wild tale that reveals how U.S. Agency for International Development created "ZunZuneo," an SMS network based on Twitter (the name is slang for the noise a Cuban hummingbird makes) in an attempt to undermine the Cuban government. The project began in 2009, first sending out relatively innocuous messages with an aim to slowly move into politics. However, as it progressed, the project was never able to make enough money to sustain itself, and it was abandoned in 2012 when USAID's money ran out.

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